Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Struggle for Equality

I recently read an article in the The New York Times on Pakistani women. It turns out that the number of women in the work force in Pakistan is growing tremendously but the women taking the jobs face increased harassment (especially sexual, it seems).
Often times, they are told by their fiances or husbands that they cannot work-and are even offered money to stay home. Nontheless, many women are beginning to work in retail and food service.
What shocked me is the harassment they face just for trying to work to provide for their families and themselves. Their uniforms are stolen, they are verbally assaulted, and male customers assume that these women are sexually available because they offer them customer service.
The conditions of women around the world are so polarically different. While we talk about women being able to do it all in the United States and Europe women are just beginning to gain rights in less developed areas.
The article here

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