Monday, January 2, 2012

It's a New Year

Lists are an inevitable part of every new year. Top 10 lists, "in/out" lists, best and worst, etc. I thought in the spirit of lists I would compile my own "in/out" list about fashion, pop culture, and more.

Stripes (they've at least moved to the sidelines)

The Prada Spring 2011 looks were stripe heavy, but it looks like a new pattern is taking over the runways.


This basic but classic pattern seems to be showing up everywhere, from the runway (like the Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 look above), to the street, to the editorials.

Suffering in heels

These Miu Miu shoes may have been the choice for many a trend-setter but it seems comfort might become a trend of its own (to a certain degree) with some fashionistas opting for sneakers.

Fashionable sneaker statements

These patterned SUNO sneakers are a hit.

John Galliano at Dior

After his incriminating anti-semitic statements, John Galliano was ousted at Dior. Now the question is who will replace him.


There are rumours that Raf Simons might be in at Dior, but it is ultimately undecided.

Out (in the purely political sense):
Kim Jong Il

North Korea mourned the death of their leader, while the "tumblr-sphere" continued to re-blog images of the leader looking at things. It seems like his son has already assumed that role well.

His successor Kim Jong Un

Here is Kim Jong Un looking at something with other North Korean men.

Hating dubstep

Remember when it was kind of "fetch" to rag on dubstep?


Now the musical genre seems to be infiltrating the music scene. Nero had an album which was favored by critics and the wobble bass of dubstep is finding its way into mainstream pop.


Whole Foods may not empty its shelves of all of those gluten-free cookies just yet, but they may consider catering to a primarily vegan customer.


The recent New York Times article by Mark Bittman encourages readers to consider a semi-vegan lifestyle for a healthier 2012. Photo by Yunhee Kim.

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